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Our Chairman

Mubarak Aljassim started his career working with Schlumberger as an oil field engineer after graduating from University of South California with a degree in civil engineering. He started his career at Schlumberger, one of the world's leading oil-services company, in 1985. He worked with them across multiple fields, gaining invaluable expertise in what was to become the highest growth sector in Kuwait.

After the liberation of Kuwait in 1991 and the reconstruction that followed, Mr. Aljassim identified two major areas of investment: the oil sector and defense contracting. In 1993, Mr. Aljassim followed his entrepreneurial intuition to form and manage the National Petroleum Services Company (NAPESCO) in Kuwait with the support of some co-investors. During his tenure as the Vice Chairman & Managing Director till 2005, Mr. Aljassim successfully managed to turn NAPESCO into a major player in the upstream oil field services while competing with international service companies such as Halliburton, Schlumberger and BJ Services. Just 10 years after its inception, in 2003, NAPESCO was successfully listed in the Kuwait Stock Exchange.

In 2005, Mr. Aljassim was appointed CEO at the Kuwait Reconstruction House (KRH). He diversified the company's portfolio by adding logistics to its services. The continuous growth in the business necessitated some strategic restructuring for the company, and thus Beyout Investment Group (BIG Holding) was established. The restructure organized the firm into four different subsidiaries, with Mr. Mubarak Aljassim as the Managing Director of the Group.

Three years later, in 2008, Mr. Aljassim decided to pursue yet another exciting venture. He formed Afnan International Holding Company, a private shareholding business focused on entrepreneurial initiatives and business development in high-growth and high-impact sectors. He left BIG Holding in 2010 to focus on nurturing this business.

Afnan International Holding Company currently comprises of Idrak Training & Consultancy Services, Icon Contracting as well as a Food and Beverage company. The companies aim at depicting the vision of the Chairman, which aims to seal gaps in niche markets in a way that fosters innovation and development in the region.

Mr. Aljassim has numerous other distinctions that have enriched his professional experiences and career progression. He is a lifetime member of Kuwait Society of Engineers and a member of Society of Petroleum Engineers. He has also contributed to the education sector development of schools in conflict areas and engage in several other philanthropic efforts. With Mr. Mubarak Aljassim at its helm, Afnan is poised to attain great heights.

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