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We focus on pioneering markets which contribute directly to the social and sustainable development of our community; namely - education, energy, security, and leisure. We believe that by shaping minds and positively impacting our environment, we can pave the way for a secure and healthy future here at home. 


In support of our focus, we have chosen to deliver products and services that advance our human capital - which we believe to be the driving force towards a secure and sustainable future. Delivering world-class education and training will ensure that we create better leaders, experts, and innovators. Extending this education and training to raise sustainability awareness will ensure that these leaders, experts, and innovators understand how to develop our community in a way that guarantees its future security. This summarizes our guiding principle and working philosophy. 

Afnan was established in 2008 by our chairman and mentor Mr. Mubarak Aljassim. We started our group with ICON Contracting to penetrate the energy sector in an innovative way by focusing on building materials and other energy-saving measures which fell in line with the country's Sustainability Vision. We understood through our efforts the importance of education and investing in human capital, and so launched IDRAK - a group dedicated to that field. With the growing demand globally for healthy work-life balances, we recognized the important role of leisure in attaining that. My Kind of Place was born out of this need, challenging the traditional ways in which the F&B industry operates in Kuwait.



our path

Visit the link to read our chairman's inspiring story

Our Chairman


 ​Adopting beliefs that shape how we envision the future



It makes us focused, purpose-driven, and committed to these beliefs. It’s a discipline that, once put into practice, can inspire ongoing enthusiasm and genuine commitment to the cause - whatever that may be. 

Our own belief system is built upon these very core values, and what makes our work so much more enjoyable is the freedom with which we exercise these beliefs. We love what we do, because it makes us feel good. And it makes us feel good because we believe in it. 


Acting with integrity and empowering others


There are a lot of different opinions on what it really means to be authentic. We think it’s a pretty simple concept: stay true to yourself, by working constantly to better yourself and the people around you. Our team works best in a transparent environment that celebrates individuality, creativity, and character. We place high emphasis on integrity, which breeds honesty in our relationships and high ethical standards in our approach to business. 


Welcoming and embracing inevitable change


We don’t believe in the fear of change, and instead embrace every form of it. Humankind has come this far because of its ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment, and this is no different than conducting business in our fast-paced world today. 


Innovation and sustainable growth are only attainable with an understanding and acceptance of changing market dynamics. And since our entrepreneurial spirit depends on these two pillars, we work hard on two things: flexibility and versatility. Flexibility is all about attitude; we are willing to change. Versatility comes down to ability; we are capable of change.


Growing our businesses without disruption to the world


When we say sustainability, we’re thinking long-term. We’re thinking future. We’re thinking restoration, preservation, and sustained growth - both internally and externally.  Internally, Afnan nurtures a culture of sustainable continuous learning to grow an engaged, high-performing workforce and maintain a competitive edge.   Sustainability can be applied in many aspects of our business, from direct involvement in renewable energy initiatives to indirect adoption of business modeling that minimize disruption to our external environment. 

our promise

It’s no coincidence that we chose to be active in the fields of education, energy management, hospitality, and technology. These industries are at the forefront of raising happiness levels across the world and ensuring a brighter future. And we want to be a part of it. 


We have a social responsibility as an enterprise to build a future that promotes well being for generations to come. And again, this is what makes us feel good; so we’re doing it! 

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