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My Kind of Place is a hospitality consulting and development studio that was established in 2018 under the Afnan umbrella to cater to the market's ever-growing culture of globalism in food, gathering, and entertainment. 

Hospitality has grown through history from a simple social concept to a multi-billion dollar industry with countless subcategories and types of services. My Kind of Place hopes to preserve the integrity of the concept of hospitality - by creating spaces that inspire comfort, kindness, and laughter.


MKOP is partnered with H-Hospitality, hospitality development studio based in Amsterdam. Together we offer turnkey solutions for the development of restaurants, from market research through interior design.


We also function as an independent food & beverage think tank, investing in high-growth niche segments to cover local and regional market gaps. 

Visit our website below to get an idea of all we have to offer you. 

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